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Station 32 Apparatus

Engine 132
2002 Emergency One Typhoon
1,250 GPM pumper / tanker
1,000 gal. tank
20 gal. foam tank
Engine 232
2000 Emergency One Freightliner
1,250 GPM pumper
500 gal. tank
20 gal. foam tank
medium rescue apparatus
Brush 332
1993 General Motors Hummer
300 GPM pump
250 gal. tank
Squad 32
2008 Dodge Ram 3500
Knapheide Kuv Truck Body
Medical response vehicle
Rescue support vehicle
Command 632
2010 Ford F-150
Medical Response Vehicle
Chief's Assigned Vehicle
UTV 32
2014 Bobcat  3400 UTV
Wildland Firefighting &
Woodland Rescue Vehicle

Station 34 Apparatus

1992 Emergency One
1,250 gpm pumper/tanker
1,000 gallon tank
1977 Pierce
1,500 gpm pump
500 gallons of water
(reserve pumper/ foam unit)
1,000 gallon tank
Funeral Assistance
Response Trailer
This trailer is used in the event of the death of a fellow Firefighter. The Piney Grove Fire & Rescue Department will send it and a crew to assist in any way with the funeral of our fallen brother or sister. The trailer is owned by the Forsyth County Fire & Rescue Association and is housed at our Piney Grove Road Station. The trialer will be used anywhere it is needed